Participants – We Can Help

We offer help for teams or individuals entering the Earth Day Fashion Forward 2023 Exhibition (runway walk?). Contact us to discuss your needs.

  • Design and Construction mentoring
  • Working Space
  • Donated Materials (denim, cardboard, zippers, and buttons, reclaimed fabric)

Get Inspired

Aprons and Longevity

Upcycled Apron: For a beginner sewer apron making is a dream project. Take scrapes of old fabric, clothes, or other cloth and craft a gorgeous apron! Showcase your unique personality by making an apron that no one else could ever have!

Search for Upcycled Aprons

Care to Keep

“Before we had industrialised textiles production, people took care of their clothes. They repaired them because clothing was an investment. Today, clothing is so cheap that the perception is, you can always grow some more cotton, you can always pump some more oil – that’s far easier than putting the effort into creating a quality product from something that already exists and could stay in circulation.” Renewcell strategy director Harald Cavalli-Björkman

Thrifted Upcycled Ensemble

Thrifted Upcycle Ensemble: Take thrifted or gifted clothes and make a whole ensemble in a reimagined design, or make entirely new garments from thrifted/gifted fabric. Take photos of the before and after to show how imaginative you are!

Explore a handpicked page of upcycled clothing inspirations.

Jenna Brown’s Upcycled Clothes Pinterest Page

There is a wealth of discarded fabric that deserves a new life. Psychic Outlaws on Instagram.

Paper or Plastic? Trashion Ensemble

Paper or Plastic? Trashion Ensemble: Take sheets of paper, (newspapers, gift wrapping, tissue paper, copy paper, bills, ect…) to create a fabulous paper creation! You must use paper given or recycled to make a paper garment/s that is walkable.

Mother Nature Ensemble

Mother Nature Ensemble: Forage among the bounty of your backyard for the materials needed to craft a mother nature outfit! 60% of the outfits must be out of foraged nature and you must be able to walk/move around in it!

Cardboard Armour

Cardboard Armour: Give those cardboard boxes new life by mending them together to make the most epic set of armor! All boxes must be from around your home, from friends, or local businesses. Your armor should be walkable!


Accessories: Don’t have enough time to make a full outfit? Choosing the accessories category you  have the freedom to make a unique crafted good using the parameters of the main categories above! Use the fabric scraps in apron making to piece together a headband, the cardboard armor could just be a sculptural pair of shoes, paper earrings that could really make a statement, or make a purse out of grass fit for mother nature!

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